Let us introduce our company TECHKO one of the most comprehensive and efficient firms operating in the gas industry.

TECHKO, Ltd. is a completely private company established in 1991. At that time our activity was focused on the development and design of technological facilities for LPG - plants. Thus we have acquired extensive experience in the development of facilities and know-how for the repair of LPG-cylinders.
Moreover, since 1993, we carried out research and development for the down-stream gas industry - in particular we have designed, constructed and produced various fittings and switchboard controls for natural gas regulating stations. We also have had experience in metering and measuring systems for natural gas as well. In 1994, the complete customer-tailored design, production, delivery and erection on site of regulating stations and automated control systems (SCADA) were introduced.

TECHKO is fully authorized and competent to carry out the design, construction and operation of projects involving work in dangerous explosive fields.

In addition our experts are available for consultancy in the solution of your technical problems, and we can offer high quality products to all our customers.

Our long-term record of co-working with major national and international contractors in this field speaks for itself.

We are not only able to offer our extensive experience in the various technologies involved but can also see projects through from their initial design to completion, delivery and erection on site.

And don't forget both during and after the project we are there to help. Just call us!